The Ten Thousand Doors of January

by Harrow, Alix E. (Author)

ISBN: 9780316421997

In the early 1900s, a young woman embarks on a fantastical journey of Then she finds a strange book. A book that carries the scent of other worlds, and tells a tale of secret doors, of love, adventure and danger. Each page turn reveals impossible truths about the world and January discovers a story increasingly entwined with her own.

Lush and richly imagined, a tale of impossible journeys, unforgettable love, and the enduring power of stories awaits in Alix E. Harrow's spellbinding debut--step inside and discover its magic. Hachette Fall 19/Winter 20 Omnibus

Format: Hardcover, 384 pages

Publisher: Redhook, September 2019

Product Dimensions: 9.6 L × 6.5 W × 1.6 H

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