Journey Through the Outer Banks

by Snyder, Wes (Author)

ISBN: 9781493048939

The 200 miles of open beachfront protecting the North Carolina coast make up a beloved destination. Vast beaches, historic lighthouses, and rich and varied flora and fauna make this landscape a beauty to behold. From the Lost Colony to the site of the Wright Brothers' first flight, from sunrise to sunset, this stretch of coast holds memorable scenes for all ages and interests. Photographer Wes Snyder captures the unique beauty of the Outer Banks in this unparalleled collection of images that celebrates this remarkable destination. HBG Lonely Planet Spring/Summer 2020 Frontlist

Format: Hardcover, 120 pages

Publisher: Globe Pequot, April 2020

Product Dimensions: 9.4 L × 7.3 W × 0.5 H

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