by Specht, Robert (Author)

ISBN: 9780553265965

Alaska was as remote as the moon, as roistering and lawless as the Gold Rush. And a pretty young schoolteacher from Colorado like Anne Hobbs was even rarer than nuggets."So appealing are the people here, even the villainous ones; so dramatic is the landscape in which they act out their adventure; so pure is the moral conflict that forms the story's backbone, and so honest is its sentimentality - that I managed to suspend all my disbelief as I read it. And it was with pleasure that I raced through this good old-fashioned yarn, hissing the villains, holding my breath at each succeeding catastrophe, and above all adoring 'plain old Anne Hobbs.' as she calls herself, the pretty slip of a nineteen-year-old who in 1927 had the courage not only to brave the Alaska wilderness as a teacher in the tiny gold-mining community called Chicken, but also to face down the community's violent disapproval when she dared to treat the local Indians as human being..."

Format: Mass Market Paperbound, 352 pages

Publisher: Bantam, July 1984

Product Dimensions: 6.9 L × 4.2 W × 0.8 H

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