The Best American Travel Writing 2018

by Strayed, Cheryl (Author), Wilson, Jason (Author)

ISBN: 9781328497697

Everyone travels for different reasons, but whatever those reasons are, one thing is certain: they come back with stories. Each year, the best of those stories are collected in The Best American Travel Writing, curated by one of the top writers in the field, and each year they open a window onto the strange, seedy, and beautiful world, offering readers glimpses into places that many will never see or experience except through the eyes and words of these writers (Kirkus). This far-ranging collection of top notch travel writing is, quite simply, the genre's gold standard. HMH Fall 2019 Adult Catalog

Format: Paperback, 352 pages

Publisher: Mariner Books, October 2018

Product Dimensions: 8.3 L × 5.5 W × 0.9 H

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