A Wolf at the Table: A Memoir of My Father

by Burroughs, Augusten (Author)

ISBN: 9780312428273

The New York Times-bestselling author of Running with Scissors delves into new territory with his most personal and unexpected memoir yet. A Wolf at the Table is the story of Burroughs' relationship with his father, his stunning psychological cruelty, and the redemptive power of hope.

Format: Paperback, 272 pages

March 2009

Product Dimensions: 8.26 L × 5.46 W × 0.71 H

Publisher Marketing: The Instant National Bestseller from the Author of Running with Scissors

With A Wolf at the Table, the prequel to his bestseller Running with Scissors, Augusten Burroughs re-creates the unspeakably terrifying relationship between a sociopathic father and a son yearning for unconditional love. Emotionally unflinching and brave, A Wolf at the Table is a truly devestating look at the distance that can separate fathers and sons.

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