Mama's Last Hug: Animal Emotions and What They Tell Us about Ourselves

by de Waal, Frans (Author)

ISBN: 9780393357837

Mama's Last Hug is a fascinating exploration of the rich emotional lives of animals- beginning with Mama, a chimpanzee matriarch who formed a deep bond with biologist Jan van Hooff. Her story and others like it show that humans are not the only species with the capacity for love, hate, fear, shame, guilt, joy, disgust, and empathy, and open our hearts and minds to the many ways in which humans and other animals are connected.

Through colorful stories and riveting prose, de Waal firmly puts to rest the stubborn notion that humans alone in the animal kingdom experience a broad array of emotions. - Barbara J. King, NPR

De Waal's eye- opening observations argue for better treatment and greater appreciation of animals, even as he ensures that you'll never look at them-or yourself-the same way again. - People Penguin: Penguin Books Spring 2019

Format: Paperback, 336 pages

Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company, March 2020

Product Dimensions: 8.3 L × 5.5 W × 0 H

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