Tell Me More: Stories About the 12 Hardest Things I'm Learning to Say

by Corrigan, Kelly (Author)

ISBN: 9780399588396

A powerful book about seven phrases that make us better people, from the bestselling author of Glitter and Glue and the Poet Laureate of the ordinary (Huffington Post).

Tell Me More is a funny, wise and insightful exploration of twelve sentences adult life requires. With Kelly's signature candor and good will, each chapter draws from her sometimes ridiculous, sometimes profound struggles with parenting and marriage, career and friendship, illness, aging and mortality.

Each chapter is animated by poignant, hilarious stories from Kelly's own life and is focused on one of twelve sentences:

Onward, a one-word sentence that celebrates the moment we stop raging against people and situations that will not be changed and decide to just get on with it.

I Don't Know, a candid and liberating statement to help us make peace with uncertainty, unknowns and unknowables.

Tell Me More, a prompt to squelch our instinct to fix, fix, fix...and just listen.

No, a mighty two-letter sentry against dangers of all sorts, including martyrdom.

You Got This, an empowering message that honors, embraces and possibly multiplies personal capacity.

I Was Wrong, a deep dive into how to apologize and the astonishing corrections a perfect apology can make possible.

You Can Go, for the excruciating moment when it's time to say goodbye to someone you hardly think you can get through a day without.

Publication History: Random House HC (1/18)

Format: Paperback, 256 pages

Publisher: Random House Trade Paperbacks, April 2019

Product Dimensions: 8 L × 5.2 W × 0 H

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