Rush: Revolution, Madness, and Benjamin Rush, the Visionary Doctor Who Became a Founding Father

by Fried, Stephen (Author)

ISBN: 9780804140089

The monumental life of Benjamin Rush, medical pioneer and one of our most provocative and unsung Founding Fathers


By the time he was thirty, Dr. Benjamin Rush had signed the Declaration of Independence, edited Common Sense, toured Europe as Benjamin Franklin's protege, and become John Adams's confidant, and was soon to be appointed Washington's surgeon general. And as with the greatest Revolutionary minds, Rush was only just beginning his role in 1776 in the American experiment. As the new republic coalesced, he became a visionary writer and reformer; a medical pioneer whose insights and reforms revolutionized the treatment of mental illness; an opponent of slavery and prejudice by race, religion, or gender; an adviser to, and often the physician of, America's first leaders; and the American Hippocrates. Rush reveals his singular life and towering legacy, installing him in the pantheon of our wisest and boldest Founding Fathers.

Praise for Rush

Entertaining...Benjamin Rush has been undeservedly forgotten. In medicine...[and] as a political thinker, he was brilliant.-The New Yorker

Superb...reminds us eloquently, abundantly, what a brilliant, original man Benjamin Rush was, and how his contributions to...the United States continue to bless us all.-The Philadelphia Inquirer

Perceptive...[a] readable reassessment of Rush's remarkable career.-The Wall Street Journal

An amazing life and a fascinating book.-CBS This Morning

Fried makes the case, in this comprehensive and fascinating biography, that renaissance man Benjamin Rush merits more attention.... Fried portrays Rush as a complex, flawed person and not just a list of accomplishments;...a testament to the authorial thoroughness and insight that will keep readers engaged until the last page. -Publishers Weekly (starred review)

[An] extraordinary and underappreciated man is reinstated to his rightful place in the canon of civilizational advancement in Rush.... Had I read Fried's Rush before the year's end, it would have crowned my favorite books of 2018...[a] superb biography. -Brain Pickings Macmillan Top Adult Backlist (March 2020)

Format: Paperback, 624 pages

Publisher: Broadway Books, September 2019

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