The Rules Do Not Apply: A Memoir

by Levy, Ariel (Author)

ISBN: 9780812986679

This Year's Must Read Memoir (W Magazine) about a young woman's search for meaning, love, and the choices she made.

People have been telling me since I was a little girl that I was too fervent, too forceful, too much. I thought I had harnessed the power of my own strength and greed and love to a life that could contain it. But it has exploded. In gorgeous, moving, sharp, unforgettable prose, Levy describes her own ill-fated assumptions: thinking that anything is possible, that the old rules do not apply, that marriage doesn't have to mean monogamy, that aging doesn't have to mean infertility. In telling her own searing story, Levy has captured a portrait of our time, of the shifting forces in American culture, of what has changed and what has remained. And of how to begin again.

Story Locale: New York City; California; Mongolia; South Africa

Publication History: Random House HC (3/17)

Format: Paperback, 240 pages

Publisher: Random House Trade Paperbacks, April 2018

Product Dimensions: 8 L × 5.2 W × 0 H

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